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Intelligent wine management with barcode technology.

  Wine Collector 400 - $279.00
  • IntelliScanner mini 250 ultra-portable barcode reader
  • Included wine management software
  • Delivered in a custom wooden wine crate

Wine Collector Special Edition - $329.00
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Everything from the Wine Collector 400 bundle, plus a bundle of add-on accessories and software for the seasoned collector:

IntelliScanner Asset Tags
Our pre-printed asset tags organize your wine bottles that don’t have barcodes already. We print a unique barcode on each tag, making it easy to instantly track your wine. Best of all, each asset tags is pre-printed by our factory with a unique barcode number -- no printing necessary! They’re ready to use right out of the box -- just peel and stick.

     Sample pack of 10 tags - free

     100 asset tag starter pack - $24.00

     250 asset tag pack - $48.00


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