The smart, ultra-portable barcode scanner built for small business.

Microsoft Office and Excel

Scan directly into spreadsheets and documents with IntelliScanner SOHO. You can easily set the scanner to enter a tab or enter after the scan, moving you over to the next column, or down to the next row.

IntelliScanner SOHO works just like a keyboard, making scanning with Excel and Word fast and easy.

IntelliScanner SOHO and FileMaker Pro were made for each other -- use your IntelliScanner to enter data in any FileMaker database field. You can create new records with unique barcode identifiers, or search your existing database. IntelliScanner can even type characters and trigger FileMaker before or after the scan.

You can even take advantage of batch scanning, allowing you to scan items in and out of inventory, make batch changes, and much more. FileMaker Pro makes it easy to build solutions for your business, and IntelliScanner SOHO makes keeping them up to date fast and easy. FileMaker examples and documentation are in the box.

FileMaker Pro

IntelliScanner SOHO works with LightSpeed Point of Sale software (Mac OS X only) to automate inventory counts, receive POs, and invoice out products.

Just plug in IntelliScanner SOHO and start scanning -- or unplug it, scan up to 2,500 items or barcodes in a batch, then plug it back in to download directly into LightSpeed. There's even directions included with IntelliScanner SOHO's included Business Integration Kit to help you get started. []

Lightspeed POS

IntelliScanner SOHO links your invoices and products to barcodes, making it easy to make sales — just open a new sales receipt or invoice and start scanning. The scanner will automatically add the items to your order as they're scanned while simultaneously reducing your in-stock inventory.

IntelliScanner SOHO also includes a barcode font to turn the invoice/sale number on printed receipts into scannable barcodes, making it easy to pull up an invoice after receiving payment.

Other Applications

IntelliScanner SOHO works with any application by emulating a keyboard -- just like a USB keyboard, IntelliScanner SOHO "types" barcodes directly into any program.

The included software gives you complete control over what's entered. Set a tab, return, even trigger keyboard shortcut before or after each barcode value.