The smart, ultra-portable barcode scanner built for small business.

IntelliScanner SOHO Black includes great apps to help you organize your business and media. And IntelliScanner SOHO works with every app on your Mac or PC – Excel, FileMaker, LightSpeed, Microsoft Office, and more.

Inventory 2.0, included with IntelliScanner SOHO, makes organizing your assets and inventory easy:

  • Track internal assets and values
  • Build an inventory database of everything you have in stock and what you sell it for [pic]
  • Start with 20 customizable templates [pic]
  • Increase and decrease quantities as new items are received/sold [pic]
  • See low stock items to reorder [pic]
  • Build, print, e-mail, and export custom reports on your inventory [pic]
  • Create custom fields to store all of your information
  • Create reports and track quantities
  • Store photos of items from your camera, and text-based notes [pic]
  • Import/export with FileMaker Pro, Excel, accounting software, and other applications
Media 3.0

Media, the smart media software included with IntelliScanner SOHO -- automatically organizes the books, CDs, and DVDs in your office or home with barcode technology.

  • Automatically organize books, DVDs, and CDs
  • Scan the barcode to fill in the details, even a picture of the cover from the Internet
  • Edit details, track locations, add custom fields
  • Search every field, create media reports
  • Bring your scanner to the store for comparison shopping online
  • Keep virtual bookmarks and reading notes
  • Print detailed lists and insurance reports
  • Publish your media with Web 2.0 Sharing
  • Access your media on iPhone with included iPhone access

IntelliScanner SOHO works with included software, and with the applications you already use in your business, like Excel, FileMaker, LightSpeed, Access, QuickBooks, Numbers, and MYOB. You can:

  • Scan barcodes into any program with customizable keyboard emulation
  • Add items to invoices, scan into databases, and much more
  • Fully customizable for in-house software and databases
  • Includes Code 39 barcode font for adding barcodes to invoices and papers
  • Read more on the Business Integration page
Keyboard emulation and business integration
IntelliScanner Asset Tags

Scan the barcodes on your retail items and assets.

IntelliScanner scans all standard barcode types -- UPC, EAN, Code 39, Code 128, I2of5, and more -- so you can scan the barcodes that are already on your retail items, asset tags, and more.

Since IntelliScanner is based on open standards, you can read the barcodes you create or find anywhere.

Apply your own barcodes with IntelliScanner Asset Tags.

IntelliScanner Asset Tags are perfect for organizing everything in your business that doesn’t have barcodes already. Each tag is pre-printed by our factory with a unique number to easily track, manage, and organize your items.

IntelliScanner Asset Tags are ready to use when you open the box -- no printing necessary! Best of all, premium construction and a high quality matte finish let your asset tags last for years to come, and they’re just a fraction of the cost of printing your own.