Choose your perfect mini

Pick any bundle to organize your home -- choose the media software bundle for organizing your books, DVDs, CDs, and games or organize everything with our complete home organization bundle.

IntelliScanner mini (media only) - $149.00
IntelliScanner mini (media only, academic) - $129.00
        Special package for teachers, students, and institutions only:

  • IntelliScanner mini 250 portable barcode scanner
  • USB cable and neck lanyard
  • Media 3.x software - books, movies, CDs, games

IntelliScanner mini (all software) - $179.00


Asset Tags Great for organizing everything in your home

Our pre-printed asset tags organize everything in your home that doesn't have barcodes already. They're great for electronics, old books, and other valuables. Best of all, asset tags are printed with a unique barcode on each one -- no printing necessary! They're ready to use right out of the box -- just peel and stick.

     Sample pack of 10 tags - free

     100 asset tag starter pack - $24.00

     250 asset tag pack - $48.00


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IntelliScanner mini by IntelliScanner Corporation
The smart scanner that organizes your home