Included Software
IntelliScanner Scanabout Home includes two great apps to help you organize your media and assets. Just scan the barcode.

Media 3.0

Media, the smart media software included with Scanabout Home – automatically organizes the books, CDs, and DVDs in your office or home with barcode technology.

  • Automatically organize books, DVDs, and CDs
  • Scan the barcode to fill in the details, even a picture of the cover from the Internet
  • Edit details, track locations, add custom fields
  • Search every field, create media reports
  • Bring your scanner to the store for comparison shopping online
  • Keep virtual bookmarks and reading notes
  • Print detailed lists and insurance reports
  • Publish your media with Web 2.0 Sharing
  • Access your media on iPhone with included iPhone access


Perfect for insurance or tax use, Assets allows homeowners to maintain a complete and reliable inventory of all valuable items within the home. Assets not only creates an assets database, but also generates reports suitable for calculating depreciation and market value. The application also has the capability to support photos for your valuables (e.g., art, jewelry, rare books) that document item condition or other features – just snap a picture with your digital camera, plug it in, and drag the picture to Assets. Get statistics, replacements costs, and more with ease.

New In Version 1.5: Organize everything with categories, custom fields, quantity tracking, cable tracking, personal ratings, and ready to distribute Inventory Reports for your insurance company.

With a smart, easy-to-use interface for both macOS and Windows, you can customize the way items are displayed, execute searches or pull up records by simply re-scanning the item, and easily apply asset identification with IntelliScanner Asset Tags.