IntelliScanner Classic - Features & Benefits

IntelliScanner makes organizing your media easy with IntelliScanner Classic, the original smart scanner and software solution to manage your entire media collection. By simply scanning the barcode on books, DVDs, CDs, and games, IntelliScanner automatically identifies detailed product information to organize, sort, search, and share your collection.

Just scan the barcode and the media software will automatically download details like the book title, movie review, and even a picture of the item cover into a database – just like iTunes. IntelliScanner uses an Internet-enabled database and AutoFill technology to download the information you need. No need to type in the details – IntelliScanner does it for you!

Publish your collection online at to share with friends or send it to your iPhone. Organizing your media collection has never been easier!

Everything you need to begin organizing is in one box, for your PC or Mac.

Organize your media in a snap

  • Scan the barcode to fill in the details, like the title, cover artwork, and much more
  • Click the add button, and watch your titles sort automatically into your PC or Mac
  • Browse your collection by picture or title, sort by author, and add ratings and comments
  • Search every field and create media reports
  • Keep virtual bookmarks so you don't lose your place
  • Print custom lists and insurance reports
  • Publish your media with Web 2.0 Sharing

Share with friends without losing track

  • Keep track of friends borrowing books
  • Set expected return dates for each item
  • You’ll always know which friend has it and when you’re getting it back
  • Perfect for very simple lending to friends or a classroom – for comprehensive media lending software with borrower/student lists, transactions, scan-to-borrow, overdue dates, reporting, condition tracking, and much more, check out our Daneizo Lending Management System instead

Search for your favorite titles with ease

  • Find what you need quickly with our easy-to-use search feature
  • Search by title, genre, or your own custom field
  • Save frequent searches as smart lists to find your favorite items
  • Powerful SQLite database engine makes searching a breeze

Share, print, and publish your collections

Create Smart Lists for your favorite items

Organize your media with Asset Tags

  • Organize your media with pre-printed asset tags – designed for anything that doesn’t have a barcode already (sample pack included)
  • We print a unique barcode on each tag for you at the factory, so you’ll never have duplicate barcode numbers
  • No need to fuss with printers, we do the work for you! Each tag is pre-printed on high quality, durable labels and sent directly to you. Just peel and stick