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Manage your library with legendary IntelliScanner ease of use.

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Daneizo™ Lending Management System - $1999.00
Each seat works as a stand-alone system

Included in the package: Daneizo software license for PC+Mac, IntelliScanner Pro barcode reader, 1 pack of IntelliScanner Asset Tags (250 tags), starter pack of 10 Daneizo Lending Cards.

Additional IntelliScanner Asset Tags
Our pre-printed asset tags organize your lending system by tracking items that don’t have barcodes already. We print a unique barcode on each tag to instantly track your books, electronics, media, and more -- no printing necessary! They’re ready to use right out of the box -- just peel and stick.

     I don't need any additional tags

     100 asset tag starter pack - $24.00

     250 asset tag pack - $48.00


Additional Lending Cards - $50.00/pack of 50
Pre-printed with a unique barcode -- skip typing and scan the card to check out.
Each pack includes 50 cards.

If you don't want to use our lending cards, that's fine: you can type member names by hand, give member an asset tag to place on an existing card in their wallet, or you can use your school/organization ID cards if you have them (as long as there's a unique barcode on the card).

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